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Asked Questions

Are meal preps only for athletes and people who go to the gym?

Meal preps are for anyone who wants eating healthy to be easy.  Go Fresh is here to provide everyone with a healthy option whether you're a student, a parent, a busy professional,  a gym- goer or anything else in between.


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver within city limits of Las Vegas, North of D. Bibb, West of Frontage Rd 2143, South of San Antonio St., and the West side of town. We also deliver to Luna Community College, NMBHI, and the San Miguel Department of Corrections. We can deliver to a residence or business as long as you or someone on your behalf is there to receive your order.

Please view our delivery radius map here


When do I receive my meals? 

Meals will be delivered on Sunday mornings of each week between 8am and 11am. Please check out our delivery radius map for a time estimation slot. We will work diligently to ensure you get your meals on time but depending on our weekly order quantity delivery times may vary.

How do I place an order?

You can order your meals online here in our "Order Meals" tab or you can call us at 505-634-5299 between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday.


Why is there a 3 meal minimum? 

To ensure we are able to provide low cost delivery city wide, we are making sure that our order count is feasible within our delivery radius. In the future we hope to offer individual meals in a walk-in store front to customers who would prefer a 'one and done' method to grab a quick, guilt free lunch on the go.


 I live outside the delivery area, how can I get meal preps?

We currently have 1 pickup location in Las Vegas which is located inside the Anytime Fitness location at 1650 7th St. that is limited to members only at this time. Meals will be ready for pickup on Sunday mornings. Look for a display cooler with the "Go Fresh Meal Preps" logo in the lobby! 


How fresh are these meals?

Your meals are prepared fresh Saturdays, then frozen to retain maximum nutrition value (with the exception of the hard boiled egg box and protein oats which are refrigerated only) and delivered to you first thing on Sunday morning. Meals are best consumed within 5 days of delivery.

Keep your kitchen clean.

Go Fresh. 

Have another question? Contact us at or text us at 505-634-5299

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